Currently we are researching the following:

Personal computing: A unique multi-display unwrappable cube computing device for a compact but expandable multi-display experience for personal, thin-client, smart home, etc. From 1-4 displays horizontal. 5”, 7”, 10, to 24” planned. Unique display technology to accommodate these displays without needing high end graphics cards.

Other efforts: electronic scratchpad, “no-fuel” transportation, intelligent video annotation, etc.

We are a stealth mode early stage startup based in the Silicon Valley focused on next generation technologies and experiences across video, consumer electronics, wireless and networks, graphics, image processing, BIG DATA, and so on…..

The founding team has broad experience in cloud, networks, wireless, media, consumer electronics, software with companies including Cisco, Qualcomm, Alcatel-Lucent, Moviebeam, Macys, etc.


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